50 poems 1940




1 !blac 

2 fl 

3 If you can’t eat you got to 

4 nobody loved this

5 am was. are leaves few this, is these a or

6 flotsam and jetsam

7 moan

8 the Noster was a ship of swank

9 warped this perhapsy

io spoke joe to jack

I I red-rag and pink-flag

12 (will you teach a

13 proud of his scientific attitude

14 the way to hump a cow is not

15 mrs

16 )when what hugs stopping earth than silent is

17 youful

18 ecco a letter starting «dearest we»

19 there is a here and

20 harder perhaps than a newengland bed

21 six

22 nouns to nouns

23 a pretty a day

24 these people socalled were not given hearts

25 as freedom is a breakfastfood

26 wherelings whenlings

27 buy me an ounce and i’ll sell you a pound.

28 there are possibly z\ or impossibly 3

29 anyone lived in a pretty how town

30 the silently little blue elephant shyly (he was terri

31 not time’s how(anchored in what mountaining roots

32 newlys of silence

33 one slipslouch twi

34 my father moved through dooms of love

35 you which could grin three smiles into a dead

36 i say no world

37 these children singing in stone a

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these children singing in stone a
silence of stone these
little children wound with stone
flowers opening for
ever these silently lit
tle children are petals
their song is a flower of
always their flowers
of stone are
silently singing
a song more silent
than silence these always
children forever
singing wreathed with singing
blossoms children of
stone with blossoming
know if a
tree listens
forever to always children singing forever
a song made
of silent as stone silence of



Esos niños que cantan en piedra
un silencio de piedra esos
pequeños rodando entre flores
de piedra abriéndose para
siempre esos niños silencio
samente pequeños son pétalos
su canción es una flora para
siempre sus flores
de piedra cantan
silenciosamente una canción
más silenciosa
que el silencio esos siempre
niños para siempre
cantan con guirnaldas de cantantes
flores niños de
piedra de florecidos
saben que un
árbol escucha
para siempre a los siempre niños
cantando para siempre
una canción hecha
de silencio como el silencio de piedra del

E.E. Cummings

Complete Poems



versión de octavio paz

















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